Unexpected Hamtramck ; Polish Disneyland, Art Center & Maria’s Comida

8 Jun

park 977

There are hidden gems all throughout Detroit & its metro area, today I am going to tell you about “Polish Disneyland”. Make your way to Caniff then North on Klinger and just before it takes a jog at Carpenter go left in the alley ….yep the alley, make another quick left and look up! A man by the name of Dmytro Szylak is the creator of this fantasy-land perched upon two garage rooftops. It is a collection of found and homemade objects whimsically arranged in a way that just makes you smile. Come check it out.

park 1009

The Polish Art Center on Jos Campau was our next stop, I adore this enchanting shop where all things Polish can be found, seriously, if it’s Polish they have it. Books, maps and travel guides are nearest the entrance, about mid-store is one of my favorite areas, the food! Packages of cookies, jams, and candy in pretty packaging all calling to you to give them a try. There is one item I cannot resist, and if you like dark chocolate you MUST buy one. It’s a large rectangular chocolate bar in a cream and red wrapper made by E. Wedel , break off a square and let it melt in your mouth and you’ll know exactly what I mean. There is a beautiful array of Christmas ornaments and dolls, stoneware, amber and silver jewelry and music. I really enjoy walking around and looking at everything. This place is a mainstay in the Polish community, the owners are super friendly and helpful and very much involved in preserving Polish culture and traditions.

park 981

park 991

park 987

Time for lunch. Maria’s Comida, also on Jos Campau, is a restaurant that quickly worked it’s way up on our list of favorites. A Mexican restaurant in Poletown may sound a bit unusual, but that’s not all, they actually serve Mexican Asian Fusion!? Everyone here is treated like a regular and come to think of it they probably are, because once you’ve eaten here; you’re coming back. The space is modern and attractive, have a seat and look over the menu. We are hooked on the Chorizo & Chicken Burrito, you have to have the gazpacho green beans with it, so good. The Tres Leches Cake is the best we’ve had, the food here rocks! Keep an eye out, their homemade Salsa and awesome BBQ sauce are coming to a store near you. UPDATE: Maria’s Comida restaurant closed on August 18 2012. The space will be used as a manufacturing facility to continue producing Maria’s homemade salsa’s and BBQ Sauce. We wish them all the best! 

park 994

Uhhhhh, Yummmm !!

park 998

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