Hamtramck; Cafe 1923 & St. Florian

25 Apr

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Whenever possible we like to go to Hamtramck the day before Easter. That particular  Saturday is a busy day for this city within a city. Sidewalks bustle with people who grew up in the neighborhood, returning for a day of shopping and consuming Polish delights.  Our first stop was Cafe 1923 located on Holbrook. Built in 1923, this former neighborhood corner store is now home to an eclectic coffee shop. Restored to it’s original beauty, the warm orange color on the walls nicely compliments the two toned tin ceiling with shiny silver trim. A picture rail runs along the wall from which artwork for sale is hung. The coffee here is quite good, they offer all of the standard espresso drinks. If you’re hungry, they serve sandwiches and dessert too. You have to try the individual chocolate bumpy cake, oh my, it’s the best we’ve ever had!

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Now that we were loaded up on sugar and caffeine we were ready to hit the town, as they say. This day would not be complete for us without a visit to St Florian Catholic church on Poland Street. The church offers the Blessing of the Baskets on this day before Easter, and all seem to participate. Families toting baskets filled with decorated eggs, holiday bread, ham and wine greet one another on the church steps. Inside it is hard not to be awestruck by this 1928 architectural gem. The building rises eight stories above ground, but inside it feels like more. Stained glass windows in deep blues, red, purple and green glow with the sunlight beaming through. The dark blue ceiling is accented with gold leaf throughout, but it is alter that grabs your attention away from all of this.  Embellished in gold with ornate spires reaching to the sky, it is a magnificent sight. The blessing is first spoken in English and then repeated in Polish, which this day was probably the native language of  the majority of visitors.  If you are interested, the St Florian Strawberry Festival is May 7 & 8, and they do offer tours of this historic church.

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One Response to “Hamtramck; Cafe 1923 & St. Florian”

  1. Dale M April 25, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    both places look fantastic, the church is incredible

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