Mexicantown, Southwest Detroit, Honey Bee, La Gloria & Camino Real

18 Apr


On Friday Kris and I headed downtown for the day. We were in the mood for some really good Mexican food, so there is only one destination, Southwest Detroit. There is no other neighborhood quite like southwest, brightly colored murals grace the walls of buildings, homeowners paint the fences surrounding their yards with cheerful scenes. People are always out and about, it is very active and has a vibrant feeling about it. In this part of town big american pick-ups and SUV’s wearing giant chrome rims are a common sight. Vehicles are often multi-colored either by custom paint jobs or the mismatched fenders and doors that adorn them. This is a great neighborhood for the adventurous to explore.

Driving down Vernor there is one restaurant after another, mercados  (markets) of all kinds line the sidewalks, as do panaderias (bakeries), and of course there are the Taco Trucks. We have eaten at a couple of them, just stand at the window, the menu is usually pretty basic; Tacos, quesadillas etc. with your choice of meat. Sometimes there is a fold out counter and a couple of stools where you can sit and enjoy your food, we usually just stand on the spot. This is simple mexican food that is quick, delicious and inexpensive!

Taqueria Camino Real

We had already decided where we were going to eat, Taqueria Camino Real, located on the corner of Central & Lafayette, for those of you with a GPS, here’s the address: 1100 Central, Detroit, 48209. We love this place! We have eaten here many times and the food is always good, most of the places in Mexicantown we find to be quite similiar, but here it is a little different. I’m sure each place has their own recipes for everything, and this one suits us. Here is our usual order: 1 Chorizo Taco, spicy and delicious, 1 llomo Tostada, the best llomo (spicy shredded pork) I have had anywhere, and the lunch cheese enchiladas, which are very moist and served with rice and beans. As soon as you are seated they bring the traditional chips and salsa, we always ask for a cup of any other salsa they have that day, sometimes they have 4 different ones. The verde seems to be a staple, and you never know what else they may have, they are all good. Pop is served in cans along with a nice big glass of ice. Looks good doesn’t it?

Inside Camino Real


The interior is quite charming and the waitresses very nice.  Prices are reasonable, we got all this for $11.00

Next up Honeybee Market, one of my very favorite stores to shop in. As you walk in the door you are greeted by mariachi music playing in the background, bright colors and wonderful scents in the air.  Immediately you are face to face with samples of their own homemade chips, salsa, and one of the best guacamole’s I have ever had. Do partake, you won’t be disappointed. Be sure and check out the produce section;  cactus, yucca, tomatillos, and a huge variety of peppers are available, everything looks so fresh and colorful. Need tortillas? This is the place; Crunchy, soft, corn or flour, tacos or tostadas, they’ve got them. We usually walk up and down each aisle, it’s fun to see all of the different labels and types of foods, I cannot get out of there without a tub of guacamole, chips, and something new to try. Ever had a rice pudding ice cream bar?  Look in the  cooler by the registers, you want Arroz con leche, mmmmm, so good.

Produce Section

Honeybee Market



Notice the Pinatas on the shelf


One more stop before coffee:
La Gloria Bakery located on Bagley about a half mile west of Honeybee Market is filled with sweet delights. Walk in the door, grab yourself a tray, a pair of tongs and start choosing, that’s no easy task. Cabinet after cabinet is filled with delicious Mexican baked goods, the scent of fresh deep fried churros fills the air, making you want one of everything, with these prices you may consider it.  The last stop for the afternoon was Cafe con leche, a wonderful coffee shop on Vernor across from Clark Park. This is a charming neighborhood hang out where you can get Spanish hot chocolate so thick you may be tempted to eat it with a spoon! More on this spot next time……                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Counter at La Gloria

La Gloria Bakery on Bagley

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